Zhongbo Establishing the Group Leadership Council

Zhongbo Establishing the Group Leadership Council



On November 11th, Zhongbo held a conference and announced the establishment of Zhongbo group leadership council.

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Conference in Zhongbo Shenzhen Headquarter


Conference in Zhongbo Huizhou Factory

The group leadership council is the highest-level management and administration deparment of Zhongbo. The council consists of four members Chai Ming, Andy Chen, Kevin Wu and Wang Xiuhua.

Chai Ming, the founder of Zhongbo which is known to specialize in outdoor media products of LED display, is deployed to lead the group supply chain & procurement, the group finance and Zhongbo sales.


Andy Chen, co-founder of ZonePro, who is now the president of ZonePro which is known to focus on finer pitch & creative products of LED display.


Kevin Wu is deployed to lead Zhongbo Huizhou factory.



Zhongbo was founded in 2014 with a registered capital of RMB 21 million RMB; ZonePro is a subsidiary company of Zhongbo and its high-end brand. ZonePro was founed in 2019 and registered a capital of 20 million RMB. Differently from Zhongbo, ZonePro does finer pitch and creative products of LED display.

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