Equipped with the Third SMT Production Line

Equipped with the Third SMT Production Line in Factory



Last week,  ZonePro's factory welcomed new facilities: the third SMT production line was equipped to the SMT shop.

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New SMT Equipments

ZonePro's factory is in Huizhou, about an hour drive from its headquarter which is in Shenzhen. Covering an area of over 6000m², the factory is well managed and highly equipped. There's a monthly area of 3000~6000m² (depending on what pitch) LED display in the factory capacity.


ZonePro's  Factory

Covering about 1200m² area, the SMT shop is currently equipped with three production lines and can finest SMT circuit board of 1.56mm pitch. From arrival of the third line on, the SMT capacity is now 400,000 dots per hour.

High Speed SMT Machine.jpg

High Speed SMT Machine


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