zonePro Launches WallPad for Indoor Wallmount Application

zonePro Launches wallPad for Indoor Wallmount Application



zonePro announces a new series wallPad that is specifically designed for indoor commercial display market this week. WallPad is a lightweight & wallmount fine pitch product, which will revolutionize the indoor LED experience, and introduce many new customers to LED activations.


Indoor wallmount panel should be able to adjust the panel size to adapt to the wall area of different installation sites. Customizing a specific panel size for a project will incur additional cost. The viewing distance of commercial display LED screens is very close, so the screen is required to have good flatness and excellent display effect. WallPad has these advantages.


Three characteristics to ensure wallPad’s super adaptability and flexibility.

1. Wallpad standard panel size is 250x500mm and 500x1000mm, and 250*500mm panel can be cut into 2 x 250*250mm. Just like building LEGO blocks, you can splice a large LED screen with any length and width that are multiples of 250 mm with these three panels.

2. WallPad’s hub can be turned 90° clockwise, equal to turn the chassis 90° counter clockwise while remaining the hub.

3.WallPad horizontal edge can connect with vertical edge in two same panels or in two different panels.



WallPad allows each module to be slightly adjusted left, right, up, or down, to have a seamless joint between modules. This brings a better screen flatness. Standard with 3840Hz high refresh rate and 14 bits gray scale, Wallpad's screen picture is very high-definition, the image details are clear, and the colors are vivid.


WallPad weights only 19kg/㎡ and thickness is only 44mm,but it has super high strength. Wallpad chassis is made of aluminum and has been tested to a breaking point of 3 tons, using a safety factor of 10, 30m of WallPad (without extra bracket) can safely hang vertically and seamlessly.


Wallpad allows you to realize many creative solutions. In addition to standard designs, WallPad panels can curve, at right angles and more, let your imagination be the limitation.



There are two installation methods: bracket free installation(wall is smooth and screen is less than 20㎡) and common bracket installation.


WallPad is available in 6 pixel pitches, P1.56, P1.89, P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8. All parts including module, powersupply, receiving card, hub, cables etc. are interchangeable, so this feature will help save most of the cost when users upgrade or retrofit the screen, what it needs is to change the modules and the spent will be around 30% of the total.



Learn More about WallPad: WallPad


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